Sentinel-2 Monthly Images in web App

I want to show 1 image per month (least cloud) in my webapp from sentelnel-2.
i want to show present month image and pervious month image in my webapp and want to update the image by time (every month) so user always have access to present month and pervious month images in app. how i can achieve


This can be achieved with the findFlyovers method in our sentinelhub.js library.

The findFlyovers function will return search results in the in the date range that you select. Each result also has information like cloud cover percentage, and how many percent it covers your bounding box. You can then select the date with the least cloud coverage and use the getMap method to fetch the image you want.

There is also an alternative way to do this. By using our Catalog API you can search for results in the date range you selected, and then use the Process API to fetch the actual image you selected from the Catalog API.

Let me know if you need any further assistance.
// Pontus

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