Sentinel 5-P SO2 at 1, 7, 15km

Hello Forum,

I am currently investigating Sentinel Hub OGC services to see if it could help with our purposes for a volcanic emissions warning system. Hence my question:
The official Sentinel 5-P SO2 product includes SO2 vertical column for surface amount + (volcanic) plumes at 1, 7, and 15 km above surface. I think Sentinel Hub (CREODIAS) only offers the surface amount, am I correct? Are there any plans for including the higher altitude cases as well?

Sentinel Hub currently supports Level 2 data only:

Are the values you are referring to from Level 1 or also Level 2?
We do not have any immediate plans to extend support for additional variables but we are evaluating these options on a regular basis based on the user demand.


Thanks. The variables I am referring to are Level 2.
For what its worth: they are part of the /PRODUCT/SUPPORT_DATA/DETAILED_RESULTS group in the S5P L2 netCDF product.

Thanks, we checked some more. It seems that when we integrated the S5P initially only surface amount was available.
This makes it a bit difficult to implement as we would have to care for these differences.

Certinaly something that we should do in the future, but cannot commit to a specific timeline.

Thanks for digging into this!