Sentinel2A_1C SAFE Download (non AWS example)

Hello - just working through the betsiboka example1 for using python sentinelhub import library (my first script). I modified the script to initially do a count of images for Sentinel2_L2A and if none then check Sentinel2_L1C. The intent is to fill-in time slices. I’ve been saving data to tiff but to process the L1C product in Sen2cor I need SAFE format. The only example for download of SAFE is on AWS. I can download SAFE on the scihub-copernicus manually but see no examples not on aws (which would require me to pay)?
( I also tried the sentinelsat library but kept getting a certificate error. ) Thanks for any help you may give - at present really just want to download data correct it and process in numpy. An alternative is using a text batch process uploaded from python but I’m no familiar enough of how to do this. I’m on python 3.7.9 that comes with arcgis.

There is currently no support implemented to download data from other places. However, the sh-py library is open-source, so all merge requests are more than welcome.

As a side note - unless you are looking for very old data (2016 or older) there will be very few scenes, where L1C is available and L2A not. So it might not even be worth the effort…

Also, do note that on scihub-copernicus you will only find data for the last month.