Sentinelhub Playground Dates

Am I correct in saying that the datepicker in Sentinelhub Playground work on UTC time, and are not converted depending on the longitude of the area you are observing?

There are some interesting cases. For example, in Australia, where the timezone is +10, if the image was acquired at exactly 2023-06-25T09:56:02+1000 local time, the image appears on 2023-04-24 on the Playground. Similarly, if another image was acquired at 2023-06-23T10:05:57+1000, this image will appear on the correct day, namely 2023-06-23.

I was wondering how the Sentinel-2 constellation appeared to collect images on consecutive days, which I thought was unlikely. Maybe this will help someone.

Hi Mark,

Indeed your assumption here is correct. The datepicker (as is the case in EO Browser) works on UTC time. Sometimes there are some overlapping orbits in the Sentinel-2 constellation that will cause this. For more information I suggest visiting this page here. Here you can download the Sentinel-2 acquisition plans and see how different orbits overlap each other.
In addition, in case you are interested, if you wish to search and visualise single orbits on specific days then I suggest you should use the EO Browser application. In the playground we do some stitching and also display data from older days than selected depending on the set cloud filter and if you are on an orbit border or not.

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