Show surroundings and a line of a interest area


I’m trying to get a result as the following image:

Show the surroundings of an interest area and a line delimiting the polygon.
So far I’m generating the bigger image and the polygon with a transparent mask separately, but it’s lacking the line drawing.

Is there an easier way to get this result?

I tried to find a thread with this, but no luck so far.

Thank you!

The answer really depends on the tools you are using.

Using eo-learn you can see some examples for achieving this in the examples, e.g. Measuring the water level of a Theewaterskloof Dam in South Africa — eo-learn 0.9.1 documentation

If you are using QGIS, you could use the Sentinel-Hub plugin to define your satellite imagery, and have your vectors as another layer on top.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for your quick response @batic.

My backend is in PHP and I’m using the Process API with evalscript

Can I get the same result with this API?

No. The API accepts the geometry as an input, but does not plot it onto the image itself.

If you can use python, then perhaps have a look at rasterio.