SPOT ordering feedback

Hello @max.kampen,

we did not repeat the exact same order, but we did an order for a somewhat different AOI. However, date and tile of the observation are the same as for the failed order (the product id is the same):

'data': [{'constellation': 'SPOT',
                 'products': [{'crsCode': 'urn:ogc:def:crs:EPSG::32631',
                               'id': '393f067e-1080-48fd-bf4a-d14846131fa6'}]}]

Similar to what has happened for the first failed order, for reference:

the problem is apparently a failure in the delivery:

'created': '2020-07-02T13:22:06.842Z',
'failureReason': 'Failed to deliver 1 items. The failed deliveries with '
              'failure causes can be obtained using this request '
              ' '
              'Feel free to contact Sentinel Hub support for further '
'id': 'xxx-01c37d69e339',

The result of the delivery status request:

{'data': [{'errorMessage': 'Delivery failed due to Airbus OneAtlas not processing the product.',
'id': 'xxx-1f96427573db',
'productId': '393f067e-1080-48fd-bf4a-d14846131fa6',
'provider': 'AIRBUS',
'sqkm': 4.19,
'status': 'DELIVERY_FAILED'}]}

Thank you very much for your constant support!


Hello @max.kampen,

the most recent searches are working fine, we find the datasets we are looking for.

Today I have ordered two SPOT images. One of the orders failed (id: ‘xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-f277d8ea5fef’). The order is not returned by get request

url = ""
response = oauth.get(url)

The problem appears to be once again a failed delivery. When checking the deliveries with the order id

url = "{}/deliveries".format(id)
response = oauth.get(url)

we get

‘errorMessage’: ‘Delivery failed due to Airbus OneAtlas not processing the product.’



A sidenote: the geometry for that order, even if relatively simple, is not just a box. May this cause problems?

Short update: I tried to order data for a similar area, but using a simple box as AOI. Unfortunately, also this attempt failed.