The maximum size of the bbox

I have a problem with downloading the tif of a large region, for example, London.
The bounds of it is [-0.853878, 51.105198,0.9580, 52.0926], so I created a bbox
london_box = BBox(bbox=[-0.853878, 51.105198,0.9580, 52.0926], crs=CRS.WGS84),
and got a tif, in which I got ‘‘Sentinel hub bounding box area is too large,please zoom in’’.
So I tried to split it to 4 sub-bbox, but you can find white gaps between outputs like below:

what should I do to avoid these?

There is indeed a maximum size for the service call, 5.000 x 5.000 px.
I am not sure, why you get these while borders - this is certainly something you can avoid if you construct requests in an appropriate manner.

Perhaps sentinelhub-py package could be of use: