TIF 8-bit (unable to download)


Hi there,

I can download 16 (.TIFF) and 32 bit (.TIFF_d32f) formatted data for my region of interest, but not 8-bit ones.

I have tried all the suffixes as defined by documentation. https://www.sentinel-hub.com/faq/how-are-values-calculated-within-sentinel-hub-and-how-are-they-returned-output

and as defined in in (constants.MimeType) – expected image form folder.

I cannot rely on the png.format.



Hi Teodor,

Sentinel Hub services support 8-bit tiff format. You can obtain it by specifying format=image/tiff;depth=8 in WMS/WCS/WMTS request. Here is the list of supported output formats: https://www.sentinel-hub.com/develop/documentation/api/output-formats

However if you are talking about obtaining data with sentinelhub Python package - at the moment the package only supports 16-bit tiff (MimeType.TIFF) and 32-bit float tiff (MimeType.TIFF_d32f). But, if required, we can easily extend support to 8-bit tiff as well.



I was indeed talking about the second of the two. It would be very helpful if you could extend it to support 8-bit tiff as well. Can you please let me know once it has been implemented, with an appropriate extension to be used.




Update done - sentinelhub Python package now has new data format types MimeType.TIFF_d8 and MimeType.TIFF_d16 (the later actually provides the same data as MimeType.TIFF). With MimeType.TIFF_d8 you will be able to download 8-bit tiff images.

This update has just been released in new package version 2.0.3. You can install it with pip install sentinelhub --upgrade

Best regards,