Tile_splitter for Landsat-8


While trying to use the tile_splitter function in sentinelhub.py, it cannot produce the correct tiles and I don´t know why. For Sentinel2-L1C collection it works just fine but not for any Landsat-8 collection.

Has anyone else faced this problem?

Hi @owl.egodinho,

TileSplitter uses Sentinel Hub WFS service in the background and the problem is that this service only works for data collections for which there exists at least one layer using this collection in your configuration.

In order to make TileSplitter work for e.g. Landsat 8 collection DataCollection.LANDSAT_OT_L2 you have to go to Sentinel Hub Dashboard, under configurations select the one with the instance id that you are using in sentinelhub-py, and define a new layer with source “Landsat 8 OLI-TIRS L2” (other parameters are not important). Then your TileSplitter should start working.

Thank you for bringing up this issue. We decided that in the future versions TileSplitter will use Sentinel Hub Catalog API instead of WFS as Catalog API doesn’t have such limitations.

In the newly released version 3.4.2 of sentinelhub package TileSplitter has been updated according to my previous post.