Time (not just the date) in EO-browser download file name?

Hi there.
Rather new to the service which is absolutely fabulous!
I can obviously see the time of scene in the EO-browser results window, but when i download the image all that is included is the date.
Working on the coast with a large tidal range, time is essential to link the image to a water level.
Hence the question: Would it be possible to include the time (not just the date) in the EO-browser download file name?
Many thanks, Uwe

This is not as straightforward as it may seem as EO Browser stitches together (for convenience of the user) several observations if you are on the border of the scenes or if you zoom out. So it is not super easy to decide, which time to take as these scenes have different time, albeit for just a few minutes.
I would recommend you write a script, e.g. in Python, to download the data from our service. You can make use of Sentinelhub-py

Thanks, makes sense in general and for large areas; i am usually after rather small areas (a few km2). Maybe this is the nudge i need to learn about Python :slight_smile: