Top-Up PlanetScope Quotas

Dear @gmilcinski and SHub team,

I’m trying to understand a bit better the procedure of PlanetScope data. I purchased 100 hectares for Tier 2 and I would like to buy more NEW hectares in the same Tier. Since the Planet Top-up quota says that “it only applies with consecutive purchases on the same AOI of already subscribed areas”.

Should I buy a new packet of 100 hectares? Should I follow the Top-Up quota process? If I buy a new packet of 100 hectares in Tier2, does the period of one year start when I buy them since I’m paying again 150€? Or I will pay the proportional time until the 26th of October (starting time of my first order)? I’m asking this because if I want to buy a new packet of 100 ha I’m billed 150€ and not the price of the remaining period.

Thank you in advance!

Reminder: my objective is to add new hectares for PlanetScopes images.

Kind regards,
Pablo Romero

Dear Pablo,

this sentence in the Dashboard is wrong and we will remove it. Thank you for pointing this up and do apologize for confusion.

When buying top-up quota, this is obviously meant for new AOIs, as in the Hectares under management model one the hectares are “used” for subscription to the specific AOI and there is unlimited amount of data available within these for a period of subscription (i.e. one year).

In your case you should indeed use Top-Up as the purchase will be discounted, to align the duration with you previous purchase. As your first purchase was 4 months ago, the top-up will be active only for 8 months, therefore discounted for about 30%.


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Thanks @gmilcinski ! Hope this is useful for other users.