URL call + Which layer to choose

I am a newbie and I got lost in the documentation and the multiples choices.

I would like to create a URL call in order to have as image of a satellite view without cloud, in order to create art maps.

  1. I went into Configuation utility, There are so many choices… which services should I use to have high quality no cloud satellite image ?

  2. I build my URL call:

For layers, I copy / pasted what I was seeing in ID layer in Configuration utility.

I keep having this error message :

I am wondering what is wrong with my request.

Thank you for your help.


Perhaps it is worth to first try to use EO Browser for this task.

If you want to do it via URL I suggest to check Request Builder as it will help you construct the URL.
If you are interested in nice images without clouds, I suggest the following parameters:

  • max cloud coverage 5 (MAXCC=5)
  • use Sentinel-2 L2A, True color layer
  • maximum width/height is 2500px (if you larger images, there is a python utility function for that. Alternatively try EO Browser’s “Hi res” export function.
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Thank you very much Gmilcinski