Using creodias Catalog search but 'missing_token'


I am trying to use the Sentinel5P satellite catalog. To achieve that I followed the example here I got no problems creating the creodias configuration or the SentinelHubCatalog.
Now I want to search for available data using this short code:

    def search_creodias(bbox, time_interval, satellite=DataCollection.SENTINEL5P):
        config.sh_base_url = ''
        catalog = SentinelHubCatalog(config=config)
        search_iterator  =
        return search_iterator

And running it I get: <sentinelhub.sentinelhub_catalog.CatalogSearchIterator at...>.
To this point everything works fine, but when I now try to acces the data via list(search_iterator) or any other kind of iteration I get the error message: MissingTokenError: (missing_token) Missing access token parameter..
For info: using the standard catalog search e.g. Sentinel_L1C works and the only difference is config.sh_base_url = '' in the configuration. Looking for example for the L1C data yields the same pattern (works with standard search url but not creodias).

Someone got any idea why that’s the case and how to fix it?

best regars.

Hi @stephan.busch ,

I could only replicate the error using the previous version of sentinelhub-py. Which version of the package are you currently running in your environment?

You can install the latest version (3.4) with the following command $ pip install sentinelhub --upgrade. The version on the conda-forge channel is not up to date.

Please let us know if you have the same problem with the latest sentinelhub-py version.


it’s as simple as that. Works, thank you Max!