Very slow response to download Sentinel-5P data using s5p-tools

Hi, I have been downloading the bulk of Sentinel-5P O3 L2 Offline data using this python tool called s5p-tools GitHub - bilelomrani1/s5p-tools: Python scripts to download and preprocess air pollution concentration level data aquired from the Sentinel-5P mission

It was working perfectly for 2 days (Nov 26 and 27), but the response started being very slow since Nov 28, 2022. (My time zone is California, PST).

I was wondering if:

  1. There is a limit of Sentinel-5P data I can download per hour/day?
  2. You are having technical updates/issues concerning Sentinel-5P around Nov 28, 2022?
  3. Is there any other way to download the bulk of Sentinel-5P L2 daily data?

Thank you very much for your consideration and kind assistance.

Hi Aya,

The tools that you are using in this instance are not provided by Sentinel Hub but are using the Copernicus Open Hub. Your question would be better directed at the support email there: or you could ask your question in the STEP forum.


Oh my bad. Thank you William!

hey, is there any other way to download the bulk because using s5p-tools isn’t helpful right now as the site has shifted so if i try downloading it gives this error:
sentinelsat.exceptions.ServerError: HTTP status 404 Not Found:

Hi @Hasnain ,

Please follow the instruction provided by my colleague Megha here.