What is actually Product ID

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I am using your CloudMaskRequest package to get set of dates without cloud coverage for my field. Now, once having these dates I wish to download the entire scene for this field only for these dates using Sentinelsat python package from ESA to be able to test some SNAP features.

My question:
Sentinelsat requires product ID for download (e.g. api.get_product_odata(‘04548172-c64a-418f-8e83-7a4d148adf1e’). Your ‘product ID’ refers however to AWS structure, right? Can I get actually this ESA’s ID from your WCS request?

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What do you refer to with “your product ID”?
E.g. S2A_MSIL1C_20180428T142041_N0206_R010_T20JKS_20180428T174250, which is passed by WFS, is official product descriptor by ESA.
The “04548172-c64a-418f-8e83-7a4d148adf1e” is not exposed by our services.
You can however find it in productInfo.json in AWS by going e.g.
(note that this link will remain freely accessible even after Requester pays change)

Hi Marcela,

from Sentinel Hub WFS services you can get an ESA tile ID and location of the tile in AWS bucket. In order to get ESA product ID you can check productInfo.json file at that location at AWS.

Here is how this can be done in sentinelhub Python package: http://sentinelhub-py.readthedocs.io/en/latest/examples/aws_request.html#Searching-for-data-available-at-AWS
When you get info about the tile you can do the following to get the ESA product id of that tile.

from sentinelhub import AwsTile

product_id = AwsTile('38LPH', '2017-12-15', 0).get_product_id()

Thanks a lot to clear this up! Marcela