Wildfire and Bushfire Visualisations

Hi all, I’m an Australian Fire Behaviour Analyst and modeller that is a big fan of the EO browser and the Sentinel 2 data. My go to custom script is

function setup() {
  return {
    input: ["B12","B11","B08", "dataMask"],
    output: { bands: 4 }

function evaluatePixel(sample) {
  return [4.5 * sample.B12,2.5 * sample.B11,1.5 * sample.B08, sample.dataMask ];

This sees through smoke and shows active fire and burn severity
I use it for mapping of fires. When there was millions of hectares burning in our 2019/20 season the Sentinel data was generally available within 3-4 hours from time of capture
It uses the 10m NIR and 20m SWIR bands
I recommend using the Setinel-2 L1C rather than the S2A as when fires are active the smoke impacts the atmospheric correction
I like Pierre Markuses scripts for showing the fire and smoke but for fire behaviour and emegency response the above works exceptionally well
Here are a couple of examples from current wildfires in Canada and California

Other tips
False color,Based on bands 8,4,3
to map grassland areas burnt
Use the index funtion with bands 8 and 12 to create dNBR (change min value from 0 to ~-0.5) and export as 32 bit tiff - if you want pre and post difference dNBR - just make sure you keep the pixels aligned by not moving the image on your computer screen until you have downloaded both images
As you can guess I’m not a scripting nerd, just an old hack more comfortable with a GUI than a line of code. The folks at EO browser have made it possible for me to quicly produce heaps of useful products quickly an easily. Thanks!


Thanks for your contribution! It’s always great to see what people are up to with Sentinel Hub services. I’m sure that other people that are interested in wildfires (which is a hot topic at the moment :slight_smile: ) will benefit from your tips…