WmsRequest empty objects


I’m having issues with WmsRequest when trying to query images with get_data(). Basically I have a collection of coordinates that I want to query on various dates. WmsRequest returns multiple WmsRequest objects but when I use the get_data() method on these they return an empty array.

Next to that I’m having issues extracting any other layer then the TRUE_COLOR layer. Specifically, I’m trying to get all the bands with BANDS-S2-L1C but this gives me a DownloadFailedException error, saying that the band isnt found even though this is the band used in the api example guide.

Would love to have some help!


about the first problem - you get an empty array because there are no images available for specified parameters of your WmsRequest. Please check that coordinates of your bounding box are in correct order (longitude-latiitude) and that there actually exists an acquisition for the specified time range. If you will still get an emtpy array then please let me know the exact parameters of your request and I will try to help you further.

About the second problem - in order to use any new layer you first have to create it in Sentinel Hub Configurator: https://apps.sentinel-hub.com/configurator/
You have to login, select the instance id you are currently using and create a new layer called BANDS-S2-L1C. For “Data processing” parameter of this new layer you have to specify your own custom script in form of return [B01,B02,B03,B04,B05,B06,B07,B08,B8A,B09,B10,B11,B12].

For more info how this is done you can also check this tutorial video.