WMTS Geometry masking

The GEOMETRY parameter currently only applies to the WMS and WCS services. Any chance that it can can be implemented for the GetTile request of the WMTS as well?

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I was wrong afterall, the WMTS masking does work with a GEOMETRY parameter applied for clipping the layer, as long as the FORMAT is set to “image/png” and TRANSPARENT=TRUE.

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Sorry for not responding earlier. I think this functionality was not available then yet, we have added it for WMTS in one of the recent releases. And forgot to respond to this post…
Thank you for a follow-up.

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Reminder to update documentation here then :slight_smile:


Geometry is still only shown to be supported for WMS/WCS.

@fcbasson: could you share an example of the request you did for your WMTS using geometry?
I can’t get it to work somehow.


EDIT: I inject the BBOX of my geometry instead and that works just fine, thanks in any case!

An example call:

1805034 5891249,
1806783 5891249,
1806783 5889520,
1805034 5889520,
1805034 5891249

Thanks for a reminder.