Wrong Client ID

According to this link, I tried to solve my error CustomOAuth2Error: ({'status': 400, 'reason': 'Bad Request', 'message': 'Illegal client_id', 'code': 'OAUTH_ERROR'}) . I checked the doc and tried to do my best to use oauth_id as sh_client_id, and WMS_id as instance_id but, the error did not solved. I am using a trial version of sentinelhub account on google colab platform to test some of the document examples. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Hi @josapin579 ,

I am sure your configuration is not set up correctly, and it is complicated to support you without knowing your setup in colab or the notebook you are running.
Please make sure to set up your sentinelhub configuration as described here.

Here are some things you can try to fix the error:

  1. If you don’t set up the configuration in the terminal, but within the notebook, you should not forget to run config.save() after specifying your sh_client_id and sh_client_secret:
config = SHConfig()

config.sh_client_id = '<your client id>'
config.sh_client_secret = '<your client secret>'
  1. Pass the credentials to the configuration object in quotes. This should solve potential issues with string escape characters.
  2. Make sure you passed the right ID to the configuration parameters and did not mix up e.g. instance_id and sh_client_id.

If this does not solve your issue, could you provide us some more information (e.g. colab notebook) without compromising your credentials to the forum?

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