2020 Sentinel-2 raw bands have 2 bands?

When I download geotiff of a recent Sentinel-2 raw band (Aug 30, 2020) and I open the file in ArcGIS there’s actually 2 bands rather than 1. However, when I open an older image from 2019 there’s only 1 band. Did the band structure or formatting change recently?

How exaxctly you are downloading the data? Due to source data being stored in JP2 and you are mentioning GeoTiff I am guessing that you are using Sentinel Hub. Are you using sentinelhub-py?
Can you be a bit more specific on the settings?

Thanks for the prompt reply!

I’m downloading the 2020 data the same way I retrieved the 2019 data. I’m using the download option in the EO Browser. Once I visualize my tile of choice, I’m selecting Download with the following settings: Analytical; Image format: TIFF (32-bit); Image resolution: High; Coordinate system: Web mercator; Layers: Raw B01-B82.

Hope that description helps!

Hey @kvand,

thanks you for your detailed description.

The 2nd band in each tiff is the dataMask for this band, something we recently added to the raw download. It includes 0 where there is no data and 1 where there is data. It can help you to easily identify pixels outside of the scene or pixels within the scene where the satellite failed to record data for.

The fist band contains the raw data of the selected band (stretched to values from 0 - 1 for 32-bit). This is the 1 band you were getting in 2019.

I hope this explanation helps! :slight_smile:

Edit: corrected the range to 32-bit tiff and added reference

Thank you for the explanation!