403 Error with AWS request

Hi, I am receiving a 403 error when trying to download S3 data from the AWS bucket. I have done this before using the same credentials and it worked in the past, but now is not working. I even tried upgrade my account but that didn’t help either. Is my account perhaps flagged for some reason? Thank you for your time.

Note that for downloading data from AWS bucket you only need AWS account.
If you have problems downloading data from S3, I suggest you contact AWS support.

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Hi @whspeiser I can try to help here. Have you tried verifying your AWS account credentials using steps outlined here? Additional docs here. It might be useful to know what specifically is not working as before simply the data access or the AWS account itself. I can confirm there are no issues accessing the data from S3 using the CLI with proper AWS creds.

Hi! It was actually an authentication error that resolved itself after a couple of hours. Thanks for all your work and help. The hosting you guys do is a game changer for my research.


That’s great to hear the issue was resolved!