404 error when starting batch request


I tried to start a batch request at around 0920am GMT but got a 404 error:

Failed to download from:\nhttps://services.sentinel-hub.com/api/v1/batch/process/<id>/start\nwith HTTPError:\n404 Client Error: Not Found for url: https://services.sentinel-hub.com/api/v1/batch/process/<id>/start\nServer response: \"{\"status\": 404, \"reason\": \"Not Found\", \"message\": \"Not Found\", \"code\": \"COMMON_NOT_FOUND\"}\"",

After a few minutes I made another batch request for the exact same area and it succeeded.
404 error is not mentioned in the API reference here (API Reference).
Does anyone know what caused the error above? Was the batch api down for some reason, if so how can we check for this?
Thanks in advance.

404 is mentioned for the start processing endpoint. It is returned if the batch process request with the given ID does not exist.

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