429 error code with downloading planet imagery

Hi Team,

We are facing 429 errors when downloading the planet imagery using the below API.
POST: https://services.sentinel-hub.com/api/v1/process/{payload}.

Please help us with the information on how this works.


Hi @james,

your account has rate limits set to 500 requests per minute, 500 processing units per minute.
You are currently exceeding the requests/per minute limit, so you simply need to slow down, or upgrade to one of the higher tiers.


Thanks, Grega.

I have tested the scenario with a limited number of requests but still getting the error. After facing this error, I stopped the process for three min and again ran for 10 requests but 9 got failed. Am I doing something wrong or problem with the planet imagery itself?

Hi James,

looking at the usage, you are still making more than 500 requests per minute, therefore triggering the rate limit for all requests above 500.

Hi Grega,

We are placing one request per delivery order(sub-order). Isn’t it the same? So placing of such100 requests per minute will run into errors? Can I get the detailed document of planet scope requests and rate limits?

Hi James, you started this thread with:

you are referring to process APi, which, together with OGC API, is making more than 500 requests per minute and is being throttled.

In the last post, however, you are referring to the TPDI API, which has different rate limits.
Which one of these you are heving issue with?

For ordering of PlanetScope data we recommend to use Subscription API, which will reduce the need for number of requests by order of magnitude, as it is sufficient to only do one per AOI.

We refer to our planet orders on the following page.

For creating and confirming the planet order, we use the below API.

To download those planet orders, we use the below API

The above API gives us 429 errors, and we do not understand exactly how orders can be processed without errors. Sometimes 1000 orders will be processed without any errors. Other times even 10 orders cannot be processed due to 429 errors.

So what is the mechanism of processing an order here?
Can one order be more than 500 requests and processing units?

I don’t know the specifics of your process, so difficult to say for sure.
That said, one TPDI order can cover up to 250 deliveries. And if you then have one processAPI request for each of the deliveries, you will make 250 requests for each order.
Tyring to mitigate this, make sure to focus to this part, where you are fetching the data with Process API, rather than the one where you are ordering PlanetScope data.
You can try to make a break between each of the delivery process API requests, or, even better, you implement the retry.

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