500 Internal Server Error Connection Loss

Hi! I was using openeo library in Python (Jupyter Notebook) successfully a week ago but now I’m getting the same error when trying to execute a batch on my data:

OpenEoApiError: [500] Internal: Server error: ConnectionLoss() (ref: r-c7dd0a362b684e32bf92a4f4368151e5)

I checked my connection to openeo.dataspace.copernicus.eu and it’s fine, getting

Authenticated using refresh token.
<Connection to 'https://openeo.dataspace.copernicus.eu/openeo/1.1/' with OidcBearerAuth>

This is my whole code:

import openeo
import json
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
connection = openeo.connect(url="openeo.dataspace.copernicus.eu")
# Loading DEM
dem_cube = connection.load_collection(
        "west": 28.8,
        "south": 59.3,
        "east": 31.5,
        "north": 61.5,
        "crs": "EPSG:4326",
# Opening the file with parcels
with open('appropriates_samolot.geojson', "r") as f:
    lines = f.read()
    parcels = json.loads(lines)
# dem

### Extracting the bands we need
dem = dem_cube.band('DEM')

### Keeping the biggest values over the research period
dem = dem.max_time()

# maximum height on a parcel
timeseries_max_h = dem.aggregate_spatial(geometries=parcels, reducer="max")

job_max_h = timeseries_max_h.execute_batch(out_format="CSV", title="Max height timeseries")
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Hi Artur,

It would make more sense for you to open a thread here to get your question answered as this forum space is for Sentinel Hub API support.

Hi William! Thank you for your answer. However, I tend to think that the error appears due to some problems related to Sentinel Hub API, not the certain python library.

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