7th November S2 Image


I was waiting for S2 images of the 7th of November for this area: Lat: -30.587345, Lng: -59.532490

I would like to know if the image is still procesing or what was the issue, because I do not find it on the Eo Browser.

Thanks a lot.

Hi @minian.matias,
did you perhaps check if there are data at the source, i.e. SciHub?
If there is no data there, I suggest to contact Copernicus support


Hi Grega,

Thanks for your answer.
I checked, and there is no data at the source SciHub.
I also sent an email asking for an explanation.
However, we have a commercial agreement with SentinelHub, and I guess you may reach them faster and easier to get an answer.
Would you pleaso be so kind to get us an answer from them as soon as possible?

Thanks again.

Hi Matias,
we have no control whatsoever on production of data.
Sentinel Hub is providing efficient access to the data generated by ESA (and USGS and others), but we don’t control the overal processing chain and can only distribute data that is made available by them.
We put a lot of effort to make the data available in Sentinel Hub as fast as possible, but cannot provide any guarantee on processes up the stream. Nobody can do that.

Best Regards,

I understand, Thank you for your honest answer.

Best Regards,

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