About planet monitoring and processing plans

I wish to enquire about costing of planet monitoring and processing plans as described here in Sentinel Hub Planet Monitoring and Processing Pricing. The website mentions about various packages and mentions that the particular package subscription is accessible using SentinelHub Basic or Enterprise S only.

I wish to know if the pricing described is above and over a separate SentinelHub Basic/Enterprise subscription and it requires buying sentinelhub subscription separately? Or if the pricing is for both, sentinelhub and planet monitoring and processing included?

HI Shreyas,
these packages combine both PlanetScope data license quota and the Sentinel Hub subscription. Therefore, if you purchase the plan, you don’t need to purchase the subscription separately.

Hey Grega,

Thank you for your response. So does it mean that even if I don’t have a SentinelHub Basic or Enterprise S subscription, if I buy the Region B planet processing subscription, that would include the SentinelHub Basic/Enterprise subscription within the planet processing subscription?


This is indeed correct.

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Could you also let me know about how the planet monitoring and processing plan works?

As per the screenshot from the pricing plan, the cost varies between 2150 to 15450 Euros per year for an area of 2500 - 30000 hectares. Let’s say I subscribe for an area of 30000 hectares. In that case, will all the archived data and the new data from PlanetScope be provided to me for a chosen area of interest spanning 30000 ha? Also, when it says 30000 ha, it means for a fixed predefined area of interest, right?

Note that you can find more detailed pricing in the Billing dashboard.
Yes, you do indeed get access to full archive for a specific AOI, as well as the fresh data, for a period of a year from the purchase.
The AOI can be split in several polygons, each minimum 1 hectare large. These polygons can be added throughout the year. However, after a specific area is used for the first time, it is “assigned” and quota reduced.

Some more information about the model are here

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Thanks for the details :+1:

Also, could you please confirm here if Planet variables like (carbon, biomass, soil moisture, LST, etc.) can also be accessed via the planet monitoring and processing subscription along with the planet image data and how the variables can be accessed via sentinel hub api?

Planetary variables are accessible via Sentinel Hub in the same manner as e.g. PlanetScope - you use Subscriptions API to register your interest in specific area, then all the other API.
They are not part of the Planet Monitoring & Processing - they have to be ordered separately.
See more info.

You should also check the Planet Sandbox data, which has samples of Planetary Variables as well, over several places in the world.

Ok. Thanks for the clarification.

If I am to use planet variables via sentinelhub API, then I need to take another subscription. However, as a part of Planet processing and monitoring package, I get access to planet data archive for an area according to the subscription along with other data like Landsat, Sentinel, MODIS, etc. that can be accessed for any area with PU and request limitations. Is that correct?

This is indeed correct.

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One more query regarding the planet monitoring and processing subscription. Apart from performing various processing operations on the planet data on sentinelhub, will I also be able to download the planetscope imagery onto my local system as a part of the planet monitoring and processing subscriptions?

These packages are designed for usage of the PlanetScope via Sentinel Hub.
More info on Planet data licenses: