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we are preparing a script that can run on multiple satellites, and identifies which satellite the input data comes from within the code, to apply the appropriate band combinations depending on the satellite. We believe this is an important feature of our script, so we would like to avoid restricting the functionality to one satellite or submitting the same script twice with only the name of the satellite different. We suggest to add the category “several satellites” both to the Sentinel Hub Custom Script Repository on Github and also to the submission form for the Custom Script Contest (where currently one and only one satellite has to be selected). We can handle the former in our fork of the repository and you can accept this new folder when (if) you accept our upcoming pull request, but we can not modify the submission form.

Thank you very much,


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Dear Andras,

it’s great to hear you are working on a new Custom script!

Your idea is definitely a good one, especially as we are working on “data fusion” option within Sentinel hub, which will make your script even more useful.

That being said, it will take some time before this is ready. Therefore we recommend, for the time being, to submit this script for the most relevant satellite (I’d guess this is Sentinel-2, based on the interest of our users, but you know better) and write in the comments section that the same script works on other satellite missions as well. This would certainly be seen as an advantage of the script!

Looking forward to see your submission in the Contest.



Dear Grega,

Colleague of Andras here.

We saw that there is a possibility to upload the custom script via pull request directly to the custom script’s Github repo (https://github.com/sentinel-hub/custom-scripts/tree/master/example). We really like this possibility, for we wish to upload more than just a script: since our script will be minified (faster, but less human readable) we wish to give the users also the unminified version of it (with nice formatting, meaningful variable names and rich comments) and also tools to update the minified file if needed.

We have created a small node.js project for that. But this means more files (package.json file, npm script files etc.). We could also include the Readme.md following the required structure. Really a pull request would be the perfect solution for us to share our work.

My question is: could we enter the script contest with such a pull request instead of filling the google form? Or we still have to fill the contest form AND create the pull request?

Please help us how does this work.

Thanks in advance,

To participate in the contest, you do need to fill the Google form and fill all the relevant parts. You can however do this for just one iteration of the script, create a pull request for all the other ones and relate to this pull request in the google form as well (in a descriptive way).

I hope this helps?

Yes, thank you very much!