Accessing older planet data along with the new PSScene

We have been using planet data for long and sometime back Planet has made some API changes for PSScene item type.
For the newer order/subscription we couldn’t add the data to our existing collection due to item type changes suggesting there are band name changes in the new data.

Is there some recommended way to handle such scenarios where we get to have a consistent data stream via sentinel hub providing older subscribed planet data PSScene4 (with bands B1, B2, B3, B4) in some collection-id along with the new PSScene item data (with Red, Green, Blue, NIR ) in some other collection-id?


you can use data fusion to process data from both collections in the same Process API (or batch, statistical etc) request.

If your hectares-under-management quota is still valid, you can also simply re-order/re-subscribe to PSScene data and stop using PSScene4Band completely.

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