Accessing satellite metadata file from Sentinel hub API

I am using the OGC API for various data downloads like Landsat NDVI, DEM and Sentinel.

In my current process we also need to extract the Landsat metadata information like sun elevation angle and relative sun earth distance. How can we access that? there is no clear example available for such kind of information calling.


You can find this metadata in the data collections bands, these are set in your evalscript.

To find out more about the different metadata bands available for each data collection you can take a look into the documentation. For example, for Landsat 8-9 L1, you can look here.


I am particularly looking for the sun elevation angle and relative sun earth distance which is not provided in the data collection as you have mentioned


The sun zenith angle should be the sun elevation angle I believe. If the relative sun earth distance is not referred to in the documentation, then the information won’t be available in the data collection.

a brief to use WFS services is mentioned in this link WFS

But I am looking for the script to use the same. If you scroll down the bottom, its give me a metadata.xml and that is what I am looking for

Hi William,

Could you please help out in WFS request script in python? Its not available anywhere. Its extremely important right now

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