Acquisition Segments segments for Sentinel 1

I am using Sentinel 1 images to study Argentina North-East area.
I have noticed the Acquisition dates are not regular, (they vary from 1 day, to 5, 6 or 7 days, to 12 or 24).
Could you please explain me how the Acquisition Segments works for this area?
Is there a way to know which dates will be available in the future?

Tahnk you.

Hi Matias,

The Sentinel-1 constellation was designed to systematically cover the majority of the earth’s surface every 5 days but this does vary geographically. Of course, this has been complicated by the current failure of Sentinel-1B currently too.

You can find some information in our documentation which also has several links to much more detailed information about how Sentinel-1 data is collected.

In addition, you can also download kml files direct from ESA with the upcoming planned acquisitions.

Hope this helps you out :slight_smile:

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Thank you William, your answer helps a lot.

We are planning a company project that depends on the images,
It would be useful to know if the Sentinel 1B failure is planned to be somehow solved, also if there is a date arranged for that.

Thanks again.

Hi Matias,

Unfortunately, we don’t have any information on whether Sentinel-1 B’s failure will be solved. For this you will need to follow ESA’s official channels to find out if the failure gets solved.


A little bit more information: at the Living Planet Symposium, ESA gave a status update on Sentinel 1B.

They said that the radar power sub system has failed and that they will try to reproduce the error down on Earth to see if there is a work-around solution. They haven’t given up yet, but the prospects of S1B working are quite low. The good news is that the launch of Sentinel 1C is anticipated for the 2nd half of April 2023, and ESA is trying to move forward the timeline for Sentinel 1D.

As William said, we can only monitor ESA’s statements for now…