Additional CRS Support?


Is it possible to add CRS for EPSG:3006?

Hi Nils,
we will check the feasibility and, if not too complicated, add it to one of our future releases, in not-too-distant future.

Hi @nilsfernquist,
after analysis, our engineers realised that EPSG:3006 is the same to EPSG:32633 - UTM 33N, which is supported already.

Is there any specific reason, why you would need another label for the same CRS?

Hi, thank you for your reply.
This was convenient news, no reason to add another labeled crs as the 32633 will work just fint.

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We realized the batch processing might support other CRS? Is there any documentation on supported CRS when batch processing? If 32633 is missing, would it be possible to add?

Thank you!

Ah, you are referring to the output tiling grids for Batch API?
Or for Statistical Batch?

That would be the statistical batch

Hi NIls,
Statistical Batch is supporting all the CRS-es of the normal APIs. So it should support yours as well.
In case you see this is not the case, please let us know, i.e. the exemplery request and we will look into it.