Adjust sharpness

I would like to make information like this.
but want to change the background image
I’m touched that google earth hasn’t updated yet.
But nowadays, the front of the work has been cleared more and more.
But this satellite is not as clear as google earth.

Hi @a0899160664z ,

The resolution of Sentinel-2 true colour bands is 10 m (see the documentation here). If you’re looking for a higher resolution, you may want to consider commercial data such as PlanetScope, SkySat, Pleiades, SPOT, or WorldView.

With Sentinel Hub’s Third Party Data Import API, you can order the commercial data mentioned above. The API will automatically ingest the data for you so you can use it as easy as other default data collections.

Please take a look at our blog post which is a good starting point to explore commercial data.

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