Airbus Pleiades - unexpected behavior when searching for imagery

I’m trying to access images from Airbus Pleiades constellation, but when I search images, I get “no results found”.
When it failed, I tried to download image for Spot constellation. That worked, so then I tried again to download Pleiades (the original bbox was around the bbox I provided in this post) and then I could find results for Pleiades. Later on I refreshed the page and searched again for Pleiades, but nothing appears.

here is some data about the search option parameters:

I have uploaded GeoJSON and tried to search for imagery for this area:


Time range is “2021-01-01” ,“2021-05-31”.

I have selected the “Airbus (Pleiades)” constellation, with cloud coverage 100% (though I already know that there are images with ~1%), processing level is deafult, snow coverage is 90% and incidence Angle is 90%.

No results are found.

Please help me to understand how to access the Pleiades data :slight_smile:

Hi Reut,

Indeed there is no results for Pleiades during this time period for this Area of Interest. There are some acquisitions for SPOT though as you have already found. As I said in the other post, commercial satellites generally get tasked to acquire data for certain dates, times and areas of interest. They are not systematically collecting data globally and so naturally, the majority of areas in the world will not be covered regularly as this would be infeasible.

Hope this helps to answer your question.

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