An error has occurred while fetching some of the images: network error on Analytical Image Downloads


I have been trying to download Highlight Optimized Natural Color and NDWI visualizations in the EO Browser but it says “An error has occurred while fetching some of the images: network error” upon clicking the Download button. An area of interest was made by uploading a KML file. This file was a part of a *.shp file that shows political borders. It was imported into Google Earth Pro, then converted again as a *.kml file to be uploaded to the Area of Interest feature of EO Browser. When trying Basic and Hi-res Print the image downloads. In the Analytical Downloads, when I specifically use the KMZ/JPG or KMZ/PNG image formats, the error appears. Other non georeferenced images work. I specifically need the KMZ/JPG or KMZ/PNG formats since I need to modify it in Google Earth Pro.
Same problems happens on Microsoft Edge and Opera Browsers.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Hi @theo.bajaro99 ,

Thank you for reporting the issue to us.
I’ve reported the issue to our developers and I will notify you when the bug is fixed.

Thank you for responding on the issue!

I suspect that the error happened whan the polygon I uses has too many segments. One of the polygon has less than 100 segments and it downloaded with georeference. Images also with more than 2000 pixels on one will also issue a warning.

As a workaround I downloaded the non georeferenced image, then I retrieved the GPS coordinates of the extreme points of the image. I edited an existing KMZ file. There is some error on the borders but it is acceptable on my purposes.

Hi @theo.bajaro99 ,

Thank you for updating. I’m glad to hear that a workaround works for you.

It is indeed an issue if the geometry uploaded to EO Browser is too complex as it makes the URL too long and leads to a 414 Request-URI Too Large. We will make an improvement as soon as we can.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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