Сan i try the batch processing API on my trial account?

I created a trial account to test the batch processing API, but I get

"error": {"status": 403, "reason": "Forbidden", "message": "You are not authorized to perform this action.", "code": "COMMON_INSUFFICIENT_PERMISSIONS"}

Does it mean that I can’t run batch processing API on my trial account?
Or do I just need to configure something?

Batch processing is in general limited to Enterprise accounts, as there is quite some processing going on.
If you describe, what you would like to do and for which area, we might give you a trial access.


We are already working with sentinel-hub on a separate Basic account for image acquisition in our AgroMon digital agriculture platform, and my colleague has already communicated with you on other issues.

Now we want to expand this expertise by starting with automatic field segmentation. We want to experiment and debug algorithms on the example of one region in Russia, and we will be ready to pay for Enterprise when we get to large-scale processing throughout Russia and other countries.

Vadim Vlasov

Hi Vladimir,
we have configured the AgroMon account so that you can test Batch processing for two weeks, within the limits of your processing units volume.

Hi Grega,
Unfortunately, we use the AgroMon account in production and therefore cannot use it in tests.
There must be a separate account for the tests.
Therefore, we would like to connect batch processing to my trial account.
If trial account is not suitable, we can connect Basic for batch processing tests, but so that it is a separate account, and not for production.

We have configured your trial account accordingly.