Analyze neighboring pixels for weed detection


We are trying to detect weeds on crops with sentinel2 images.
Weeds often spread through the field in a different shape than the crop does, and that is useful for their detection.
We wonder if, using a script, there is a way to analyze the shape of the “weed stain”, using neighboring pixels with same characteristics. For example, this 8 pixels have more than 3 points in chlorophyll and are next to each other in a vertical shape.
Or, This pixel has more than 3 points in chlorophyll as well as 4 neighboring pixels.

Any idea may be useful.

Thank you!

Hi @minian.matias ,

With evalscript you are allowed to do pixel-based processing on the cloud using Sentinel Hub, but unfortunately it is not possible to do spatial processing that involves neighbouring pixels.

However, you can do this processing as a post-processing step after you have obtained the chlorophyll data required for your detection.