Android kotlin jetpack compose

how to integrate sinergise image/ analysis / NDVI / into android mobile application,
how to display it in native mobile app using kotlin jetpack compose

Hi @ludfi ,

Sorry for the late reply. We would need some more context from your side to be able to further help you. What kind of map APIs are you using, e.g., map box, google maps, OSM, leaflet in webview, etc.? In general, we would simply suggest adding a layer on your map using SH services.

we are planning to used mapbox, to show wfs/wms layer from sentinel hub.
but im not fully sure if mapbox can do the thing we want,
if can, please suggest alternative to move forward.
please share link of any solution possible and the sh services solution, thank you

Hi @ludfi ,

Please have a look at this Add a WMS source example from the mapbox documentation.

Also, please refer to Sentinel Hub documentation page for WMS and WFS services. I would also recommend going through the webinar which provides a step-by-step guide to use our OGC services.

Hi @chung.horng ,

I am sorry my question is not clear,
I was asking in android perspective, the link shown are using web.

Has there been any succesfull android application using sentinel before this? Getting all the imagery/log?

Hi @ludfi,

the answer then depends on what version of mapbox sdk you are using. If you’re using a 9.x version (or older) then the WMS example is described at: Add a WMS source | Maps SDK v9 | Android | Mapbox

If you’re on the 10.x version, then it looks like an alternative solution will need to be found.

So please, share your mapbox sds version information here, so we’ll know how to continue.

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