API DataFilter and Acquisition Date


I am using the Sentinel Hub API feature and having success in donloading single images, however, if i use the DataFilter function to set a “from” and “to” time frame it wont download all the images within this range. The WMS function works well here but can this be done in the API.

Example code that i am using where a single file is downloaded. So basically i am not sure why a data range is needed.


Also, is there a way to save the file (again like the WMS functions) but with the actual acquisition date of the file. Using the API i get a string of code followed by -response.tiff.

Hi @burt,

timeRange parameter in general acts in a similar fashion than time in the WMS request.

The process API does have more capability though, see description of “mosaicking” here:

So by setting the time range to 3 months as in your example and using the “orbit” option for the mosaicking, you will get, within the request, all values within the time-range, in an array separated by dates (or, better, orbits).
Check example on how you can then loop through these values (2nd example here)

As the process request allows for multi-part output, you could eventually output for each date separately.

That being said, for the use-case you described, we recommend first running the “search and filtering” query (WFS) to get all available dates in the chosen AOI/geometry and then fetch processAPI request for each individual date. In this respect the process API functionality is the same as WMS.

The name of the file can be specified in the “output” part of the request.
By replacing “default” in this example with e.g. “data-2019-01-01”, you will get data-2019-01-01.png (or tiff if you choose the tif format).