Applied corrections

Hi Sinergise team,

A question came up after talking to a potential customer. They had some comments and questions about your alignment and correction procedures in products available on Sentinel Hub. As such, I would like to ask the questions here!:

What do the current correction procedures look like? What methods are used? Are they tile or object focused? And what future developments for further improvement is planned?

We need to know this in order to understand what quality to expect (now and in the near future) so we can report back to our customers and build on top of this.

Best wishes!

Hi Rosalie,
we recommend using Sentinel-2 L2A data-source, which contains Sen2Cor corrected data (available globally since December 2018 and within Europe since March 2017).
Alternatively you can try our statistical atmospheric correction available on all data.
See this post for more details:
More information about Sen2Cor atmospheric correction are here:

Thanks! I’ll have a look.
Do you also know the key difference between Sen2Cor and ATCOR? If absolute band values (not relative values) are of importance, what would you recommend using?

I believe Sen2Cor is better as it was developed specifically for Sentinel data. ATCOR was, if I am not mistaken, developed for Landsat and then “ported” to Sentinel.