Are COGs from S3 discontinued?

I am trying to use cloud optimized geotiff as per this tutorial: data-on-s3/ at master · Sentinel-5P/data-on-s3 · GitHub

However I cannot connect to the bucket.
RasterioIOError: Failed to connect to port 80: Network unreachable

url2 = 's3://meeo-s5p/OFFL/L2__NO2___/2019/10/01/S5P_OFFL_L2__NO2____20191001T012402_20191001T030531_10182_01_010302_20191007T032229_nitrogendioxide_tropospheric_column.tif'

with as src:

Hi @cnpante,
please note that Senitnel-5p archive at AWS is managed by MEEO, not us.
Find their contact here:

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