Are Sentinel-1 (in EOBrowser) free of charge?. I cant download them

Good morning:

I’m working with EO Brower for the first time. I have downloaded Sentinel 2 images without any problem and I must tell you that the tool is wonderful !.

Now I want to download images Sentinel 1 … I am following the same steps and the program shows me (in the bar on the left), all the available images according to my search criteria. My problem is that when I want to access an image through the button: “Visualize” … a text is displayed on the map that says: “Sentinel HUB WMS The bounding box area is too large! Please zoom in”.
I want to tell you that my area is approximately 6000 km2. It is a reservoir in Argentina. I have tried several times and it has not been possible to visualize or download the S1 image.
I have asked for help writing to the email of the user’s attention office and they answered me that my area is probably very extensive.
I tried again reducing my area to the maximum but the images still do not appear in the viewer.
I would like to know if I should do something else or the problem is because I need to have a special user payment.

Another question: to use the WMS service in QGIS, should I pay?
Thanks from now, greetings

Can you provide lat/lon of the reservoir in Argentina so that we can try?

WMS service is generally payable but you can use a 30 days free trial.

Thanks for your response.
I need images from two reservoir near eahc other.
one on them at: lat: 38°33’5.04"S and long: 68°42’51.44"O
the other at: lat: 39°28’56.52"S and long: 69° 0’27.87"O

in EOBBrowser i used a kml including both reservoirs. I attach a print screen of it with the aprox. dimensions


The area you are trying to export, is indeed quite big, on the border of what is possible.
Still, you can do it in the following way:

  • go to the area of interest

  • search for S1 image, so that you actually see it (you will have to zoom in a bit)

  • then use “Zoom Out” feature of the web browser (e.g. CTRL + -), all fonts will be reduced and image as well

  • once you see the full area, use geometry selection tool (right under search tool) and select just the area you are interested in:

  • then click Export, select Analytical, choose 16 bit GeoTiff

This worked for me

Dear Grega:
With your instructions it works!
Maybe it’s the trick of playing with the zoom in and out … !! in other attempts, I can not visualize the image.
I had never had problems with the S2 but with the S1 I could not see them. Yes now. You have been a great help!!
Thank you very much