Area size of a query

I started to try for my first order of Planet data. I created a region that is 55km2 in square.
But when I prepare the order, it informs that this region is 98km2 in square. I tried with another region, it seems that the size in the order is about 150%-200% the polygon size.

What is the difference between two number.

I imagine there are several observations and the area is summed.
If you are using Hectares under management PlanetScope data, be careful when making large orders - you are paying per hectare… ao 100 km2 is 10000 hectare… might be expensive.
Note that there is no technical limit when using hectares under management, so you have to take care to order data within limited area.

There are two observations which are a bit overlapped.
I found the information on the web " * Users can purchase a quota in packages of 100 hectares for each of the Tiers. This quota can be consumed for several dislocated areas (parcels), each area having the minimum size of 1 hectare."
I am a bit confused. I just bought o Tier 3 Planet package. My quotas is 100 hectare. But when I use Request Builder, it displays that my quotas is 10.000km2. What does it mean?

The quota shown in Request builder is not integrated with Hectares under management model, so it is best to disregard it. As described in the FAQ, users should take care to fetch data only from the area of the size they purchased.
I suggest you check the FAQ:

Thank you !

One more question regarding PlanetScope. Is there any difference if I order a selected area in which is created after I buy the planet package?

No, all orders count against the same area

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I tried for a smaller area using Request Builder. It prepared the order successfully but when I confirm the order. The error appears. It informed that something went wrong but not specifically.
The order id: 4262a171-5fe5-4785-8f2e-1cd0ec25ff6f

The specific error can be seen if using the Sentinel Hub API directly (with Postman, cURL, python…):

{'error': {'status': 401,
  'reason': 'Unauthorized',
  'message': 'Invalid api-key.',

It looks like an incorrect Planet API key was used when creating this order. Please create a new one with the correct key.

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