Authentication failed

I already created my account in sentinel-hub, but I want to use it in QGis, I have this error, SentinelHub: Authentication failed, check your credentials.

Hi @julio.ramirez

The client id in the QGIS form should not be your e-mail, but the OAuth client id that you have created on your dashboard under “User settings > OAuth clients”.


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@batic I checked all, and my email is correct :confused:

What I am saying is that in the QGIS plugin, the “Client ID” should not be your e-mail, but the OAuth client id.



This part of the webinar nicely demonstrates this step:

@batic I tried with User ID, Account ID and OAuth client, and don’t work

Hi @julio.ramirez

Your client id should be something like ‘75b432ff-dcd1…’, while the client secret you got when you created this client id.

Please also have a look at “Debugging/Development Tools” panel in QGIS, and the “Log messages” panel; perhaps that might give you additional idea of what is happening. The error from your first post says you have used wrong credentials (e.g. due to typo, an non-existing client id/secret, …)

If that doesn’t work, ask your IT team if perhaps your requests are being blocked or similar; while I doubt it, it could happen.

Good luck,

Has there been any update to this since March 2022? I followed every step shown in the video and those suggested in this thread. Still I could not get through the login step. The error was the same “Authentication failed, check your credentials”. I tried to be extremely careful with the copying/pasting of the client ID and secret many times yesterday and today. Nothing changed. The following is from the Message panel of my QGIS (version 3.32.3-Lima):

2023-11-29T10:27:53 INFO Authentication Manager : Master password has been successfully read from your Password Manager
2023-11-29T10:31:02 CRITICAL SentinelHub : Authentication failed, check your credentials
2023-11-29T10:38:06 CRITICAL SentinelHub : Authentication failed, check your credentials
2023-11-29T10:53:39 CRITICAL SentinelHub : Authentication failed, check your credentials

Thank you in advance for helping me get through this step.


Hi @cqhuang ,

Did the issue start happening from yesterday? If this is the case maybe double check if you have a valid account.

Another issue could be the deployment. Could you please let me know if you obtain your credentials from Sentinel Hub dashboard or Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem Dashboard? What did you insert for the Service URL?

Hi Chung,

Thank you for looking into this issue. I did not use SentinelHub before, and decided to try it out yesterday. Now that you mentioned where I created my account, I realized I had to create a new account to access the sentinel-hub page.

When I followed the “Create OAuth client” of the SentinelHub plugin for QGIS, it directed me to this page (sorry, I have to delete this link because I am only allowed to have at most two links in one post):

(link deleted)

and the “account settings” at this page is linked to:

I did not pay attention to where I created my first account. Now that you asked the question, I think I got it here. The client ID/secret created from this page did not work in QGIS. After seeing your response, I went to the following page:

The client ID/secret created from there worked in QGIS.

Looks like the video and the link for “Create OAuth client” in SentinelHub plugin for QGIS need to be updated.

Again, thank you for looking into this. Your questions are to the point.


Hi @cqhuang ,

OAuth clients created from both links you mentioned should work. They are simply working on different endpoints.

For the OAuth client created from the Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem, you need to select as the service URL; for the OAuth client created from the Sentinel Hub, you need to select as the service URL. Please have a look at this blog post on Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem for more details.

Note that Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem offers general users limited free quotas to use Sentinel Hub APIs. On the other hand, we offer 30-day free trial and users have to pay after the free trial period.

I’ve registered both accounts
Sentinel hub (also created Id credentials (ID client and ID secret) using the QGIS plugin and the server:
Copernicus data space (also created Id credentials (ID client and ID secret) unisg the QGIS plugin and the server

Both solutions appears the same result “Authentication failed” or… this message… "error RESTEASY003210 could not find resorce for full path

really sad because I need some data;;; Can anyone help me?

Hi @carol.jk.4 ,

Could you please provide the complete error message? Are you using the SentinelHub v2.0.2?


Thats the error. This error just appeared once, the other times just "authentication failed "

I’ve tryed in Sentinel hub plataform using my student account. On the website is everything fine, but the plugging at Qgis doesn’t work.

I’m using a Qgis old version (3.10 la coruña) and I’ve asked to reinstall the application bit not sure the version (I’m far from my PC now).

Also, using the copernicus site, I’ve followed all instructions I’ve seen here " " withou success.

The info I need to use is TIFF images combining sentinel bands and the RGB.

I used to use EOS Landview but since, I guess, 10 days, they are changing for TIFF images.

If the sentinel hub doesn’t work, can anyone help me with an alternative website ou free service? (I don’t need hi resolution image, medium is fine).


Hi @carol.jk.4 ,

I’m pretty sure that the error came from the outdated SentinelHub plugin. Please make sure using the latest SentinelHub plugin.

I’m checking here. The version of this pluging is the 2.0.

I also tryed this morning the anti-virus permissions and is everything fine too.

But now… is this message:
SentinelHub : HTTPError: server response: "{“error”:"RESTEASY003210: Could not find resource for full path:"}"

While I can’t solve this issue with the sentinel hub plugging, I’m downloading the images using the sentinel hub online plataform.

But still If someone have the answer it would be tremendously helpful.

And… one more thing…
Does anyone use the WCS ou WFS scripts on QGis? I use them to download statistical data (shp format).

Can we download Tiff images using this method?

Please read the message. The latest version is v2.0.2.