Authentication failed

I already created my account in sentinel-hub, but I want to use it in QGis, I have this error, SentinelHub: Authentication failed, check your credentials.

Hi @julio.ramirez

The client id in the QGIS form should not be your e-mail, but the OAuth client id that you have created on your dashboard under “User settings > OAuth clients”.


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@batic I checked all, and my email is correct :confused:

What I am saying is that in the QGIS plugin, the “Client ID” should not be your e-mail, but the OAuth client id.



This part of the webinar nicely demonstrates this step:

@batic I tried with User ID, Account ID and OAuth client, and don’t work

Hi @julio.ramirez

Your client id should be something like ‘75b432ff-dcd1…’, while the client secret you got when you created this client id.

Please also have a look at “Debugging/Development Tools” panel in QGIS, and the “Log messages” panel; perhaps that might give you additional idea of what is happening. The error from your first post says you have used wrong credentials (e.g. due to typo, an non-existing client id/secret, …)

If that doesn’t work, ask your IT team if perhaps your requests are being blocked or similar; while I doubt it, it could happen.

Good luck,