Authentification problem (python)


I am having a problem of authentification (token) in Python, as illustrated in the attached image.The code should be ok because it is a copy/paste of an example on the Sentinel website.

Thank you in advance for your help,

Hi @Julien_F,

Your code works correctly for me. In the email you sent to our support you also set up a proxy configuration with

os.environ['https_proxy'] = proxy

Could you first restart the notebook and try running it without this line?

  • In case it still won’t work then please provide the full stack trace of the error (the bottom part is usually the most important).
  • In case it will work then we can assume that there is some issue with proxy configuration. Again a full stack trace would be useful.

In either case, any of the following information will also be useful to reproduce the problem:

  • Python version,
  • OS,
  • versions of packages:
    • oauthlib,
    • requests-oauthlib,
    • requests,
    • urllib3,
    • certifi,
    • charset-normalizer,
    • idna
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Thank you @maleksandrov . I will continue the discussion via email.

Dear Community,

Did we get any solution to this problem? I am having exactly a similar problem and all my credentials are correct. Does SH have any pointer to what could be the issue with Python authentication?