Available projections OGC services - why receiving all 0 images if not EPSG:4326?

Hello everyone,

we are trying to download some S2-imagery using the WCS with the following link, for example:

Unfortunately, we are only getting all 0 images with the correct shape [4x512x512]. If we are using the EPSG:4326, we get the images but due to projection issues in a wrong shape. How can we manage to download the images in the desired crs using your WCS?
Thank you very much in advance!

Hi @mengel,

Are you sure the only change between working and not working requests is the bbox and crs? Looking at your request, FORMAT=GeoTIFF should be FORMAT=image/tiff. Additionally, the TIME parameter seems wrong, see wcs docs. It should read something like TIME=2021-12-02/2021-12-03 or should have really accurate time to get the specific observation.

You can try building your request with WcsRequest from sentinelhub-py (although I strongly suggest you move to using ProcessAPI.

Another resource is request builder.

Best of luck!

Hi @batic,
thank you very much for your quick reply!
We are already working on a solution using the python-binding/eo-learn. For a quick shot, however, we needed the WCS based solution - especially for the purpose of education.

Regarding our pipeline we are transforming coordinates of bboxes using gdaltransform which turned out to switch lons and lats for EPSG:32632 which resulted in a bbox within the Indian Ocean where Sentinel Hub does not provide imagery. This seems to be some issue of mismatching versions of PROJ and GDAL in our environment. Still, we wonder why this is not happening for EPSG:4326 but we will figure out!

The EPSG:4326 and OGC:84 is always a conundrum.

I suggest you use BBox and CRS classes from sentinelhub-py, and the bbox.transform or even to_utm_bbox.