AWS CLI Area of interest (AOI) query

I am a novice on satellite imaging. Please help me regarding 3 simple questions?
Simple questions regarding the AWS CLI?
1. Can I a specific piece of soil via an AOI geojason polygon file?
2. Can I get the NDVI value for above?
3. Can I download an image for the NDVI, without using another package to merge certain bands?
Thank you very much

Hello! The AWS CLI is going to be only related to the storage of the data, it has no knowledge of any geospatial functionality. I’d recommend at looking at a service like which can help with a lot of these concepts.

You might also find that EO Browser (which uses Sentinel Hub services) fits your purpose nicely:

You can upload your area od interest and then either download images of NDVI values over the area (for a selected date) or draw a chart that shows how NDVI values change over time.

Hi @wfjoubert,
I suggest you check the following examples:

These are using Sentinel Hub API rather than CLI library, but they are doing exactly what you want…