AWS S2-L1C Public Datasets


We’ve got a current application that utilises the level1c public dataset and it’s related SNS notifications to analyse granules observed over Australia.

There doesn’t appear to be any data in the Australian region generated at the level1c over the past few days and I was wondering if there was a known change made to the public dataset or notification system implemented on these resources.

The area of interest is within the 51G-57L MGRS grid zones if it’s of any help.


I checked over Sydney and last available scene is from 25/04/2018, which seems pretty OK to me.
There was no change in notification machanism.
I noticed that last synced data on AWS are on 27th of April, which almost certainly means that Copernicus OpenHub has problems with distribution

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I appreciate you looking into it, it looks like we’re now seeing notifications for the 27.

Alex Vincent

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It seems indeed that Copernicus OpenHub has problems with distribution, I noticed missing scenes in other regions as well, which sometimes is really frustrating.