AWS Sentinel-2 L2A


I have a question about …

s3://sentinel-s2-l2a in EU Central region for L2A data over Europe, dating from 28th of March onward
The data is in a Requester Pays bucket which means that you can access it freely within the EU Central region, but you will incur charges if you download it elsewhere.


As far as I understand that means if I set up an aws account and request the data from within EU Central it is definitely free of charge, right? Why is it not available anonymously free of charge - any chance this will change in the future?

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Yes, your understanding is (almost) correct. If you request/use the data from EU Central region’s virtual machine, there is almost no cost associated. What you would still need to pay is “GET request”, which comes at a $0.0043 per 10,000 requests so you would need to use quite a bit of data before cost would come to 1 EUR.

AWS Open Public Dataset policy wants to pursue on-the-cloud processing. For those, who want to just copy data to their own servers, there are official Copernicus end-points available. As far as we know, there are no plans to change this in the future.

Thanks for clarifying, Jan.

Hi gmilcinski!
Is there some way to pay for download L2A products from AWS?.
I need to download images to local to make some GIS operations and sci-hub is pretty slow…
I would be very happy paying a small quota for download data on a faster way

Sure. L2A data are available on S3 and you can download it easily using many tools, check e.g. python package or this post. As Sentinel-2 L2A data are in Requester Pays bucket, you will need to create an account at AWS and pay for data transfer costs.
Alternatively you can get L2A data also using Sentinel Hub OGC services.