Bad API response

Hi! I have problem with your API. In some cases when i searching for satellites images by geojson polygon through your api. I getting images outside of my polygon, like in attachment. Square polygon - images returned by api. Polygon nearby Australia - polygon for searching in API request


Raw at attachment - S2B_MSIL1C_20190919T015649_N0208_R060_T50HMF_20190919T061042

INFO: Foorprint: POLYGON((111.0059 -23.4834,115.0488 -21.3712,117.7734 -35.5322,114.4336 -35.6751,111.0059 -23.4834))
INFO: Date: 20190919-20190920
INFO: Clouds: 0-100
INFO: Platformname: Sentinel-2
INFO: Producttype: S2MSI1C
INFO: Cloudminmax: (0, 100)

Hi @detrous,

can you please let us know, which API specifically you are using when this error occurs?


Is this result supposed to be wrong? This one is in Australia as well.

Can you please get gdalinfo of this images ? Because when i handling images and getting coordinates from gdalinfo i’m getting wrong coordinates

Can you please specify, what exactly are you trying to do? It’s difficult for me to know, what you mean by “this images”…

I’m handling bands to retrieve data about water clarity and water chlorophyll level. I can send to you handled image of water clarity

And you are downloading the “data” (=.jp2 band files?) from AWS directly? and then running GDAL on these?

Yes. Here is example of output:
Can you compare this image with what you checked?

This TIF does seem to be reprocessed as the tile name is not in line with any of the standard ones, known to me.
I am assuming that you either downloaded original product from OpenHub or band tiles from AWS and then you renamed them.
In both of these options the meta-data of the files themselves is handled by Copernicus so we can unfortunately not do anything about it. I suggest you contact EO Support (

The API response however, what has started this discussion, seems to be working OK.