Batch Download unavailable for enterprise account?

I have an Enterprise S Account
but in the Request Builder i cannot access request batch downloads as it says: “Batch processing is only available using an Enterprise Account.”

I have 400 000 credits available.

What am I potentially missing or doing wrong ?

Best wishes !

PS: I am new in this area …

The account seems to be set properly and based on the information you provided I cannot see what could be wrong (assuming you are signed-in the Request Builder).

As you have the Enterprise package, you have access to our priority support. Can you send an e-mail to support AT and send some more details on what steps you are taking, possibly sending the screenshot of the Request Builder with this error?

Thanks heaps, Grega for your fast reply
and yes I will write an e-mail.
Best wishes !

The support team has answered fast:

Hi Jens,

the message above is a generic one, shown to all users. I realise it is indeed confusing, sorry about it.

That said, you should be able to use Batch regardless of this message. You will, however, need to have an object storage bucket configured on Creodias, to serve as the output location for the data.

You will find instructions on how to configure it here.

Best Regards,

Sentinel Hub Team

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